Get MORE Repeat business

Strengthen and stimulate your customer base to make more sales and grow your business

Keep them coming back

Repeat business means a stronger business. Your profits could be increased up to 95% by increasing repeat business by just 5%. This workshop will help you to figure out WHY repeat business is so important and what you can do to improve it within your business.

  • Why is repeat business important?

  • What is one customer worth to your business?

  • How do you create a great journey for your customer?

  • Why and how you keep in touch with your customers after the sale

  • How to increase repeat business without spending more

What do others say?

Don't just take my word for it, see how working with me helped other businesses


County Battery


Misch worked with us to identify our customer lifetime value and understand how important it is that we take details to keep in contact with our customers. This has made it possible for us to use email marketing to improve repeat business and customer retention. We also put in place sales strategies to cross and up sell products to customers. We have so many more ideas now!


Misch's knowledge has helped us implement a full retention strategy to grow the business year on year. We saw an increase of over 1200 customers last year!



Rob Deans



I've worked with Misch for over 12 months with various clients looking to build more repeat business into their companies, always with great success. Her knowledge on improving connections and monitoring repeat custom for growth has been invaluable.

chatter box reviewsv2

Really Helpful Guide


Thanks Misch!


Helped Me Alot


Great Work. Thanks!

Hey, I'm Misch Fretwell - A Customer Care and Retention Specialist.

I help you conquer all things customer!

Connecting with your people (staff AND customers) is so important to building a strong business. I love helping others, making people laugh and making sure they're A-OK. I've always been the person to bring people together. With a mix of high empathy and strong logic, I help you to bring care and connection into your business to help it grow.

This Workshop Will Help You Learn -

  • Why repeat business is important

  • Why you should be talking to your existing customers more

  • Why it's easier to sell to an existing customer

  • How to increase profits without spending any money

Keep them coming back 

In 2 hours you'll be on your way to growing a stronger business in no time. All of the information in this workshop has been tried and tested over a 17+ year career in customer care.


Don't forget your existing customer

Keep them happy and they're worth ££££ more to you than a customer that hasn't bought from you yet!


Marketing to existing customers is SO much cheaper than finding new ones!

Existing customers are 60% more likely to buy something else from you AND they will tells their friends about you too. None of this costs much!


You profits will improve

Less marketing costs + more business from existing customers can only equal one thing - MORE profit


Word of Mouth

It's THE most powerful form of marketing because it's trusted and it costs nothing but the care and attention you give to your customers

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