Are you ready to grow your business?

A tried and tested approach responsible for over 2000 additional customers and £100,000 in additional revenue in one year.

8 Weeks to Sustainable Growth

It’s our mission to support the growth you dream of by helping to build a strong foundation BEFORE you spend lots of money on expensive marketing.

Do you have aspirations to grow but are facing these questions?

  • How do I increase capacity to maximise turnover?

  • How do I make sure my people listen and understand what I want for the business?

  • How do I make sure my customers are so happy they buy again and tell others about me

  • How do I make sure I’m spending on the right marketing and advertising?


8 Weeks to Sustainable Growth will give you:


More time to focus on growing your business


structured guidance and support


bigger Return on investments

Investment - £1000

(or 2 payments of £550)


Invest in your growth

What's Included?

  • 8 1-1 structured sessions delivered via zoom (90 minutes each)

  • Workbooks and template ideas for you to implement in your business

  • A library of resources to help your growth based on areas such as; Customer Care, CRM systems, Time Management, Managing Change and much more

  • 12 weeks 1-1 digital support to ask questions and seek guidance specific to your business

A Case study


Flagship store opened. We quickly identified we would not be profitable if customer churn was high and customers cost A LOT to acquire. Focus was on bringing in as many people as we could at discounted prices.

Week 1 - 9 sales.

Expanding rapidly to 6 locations it was time to focus on customer retention. 1000's of hours spent sticking labels on direct mail to bring our customers back to us. We trained our teams to bring change to the industry and become more customer focused.



It's time to re-brand and kick things up a notch! Opening a centrally managed booking centre meant we could care for a fast growing customer base of over 5000 customers per year.

With 8 locations and over 15000 customers per annum, our main focus was increasing customer retention even further. We devised a system to identify key touch points with customers using data gathered over 10 years in business.

We were ready for a custom built Customer Relationship Management system. Over the next year we designed and project managed the implementation of this system, saving over 3 days per week in data analysis.

35000 Sales with a 70%-80% retention rate


The strategy we honed over 15 years was responsible in it's most successful year for a 2000 customer increase and price increases worth an additional £100,000.


A Calm, rational voice


Second to none


moving forward


Comprehensive and achievable


Hey, I'm Misch Fretwell. It's my mission to support your business growth

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